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Feb. 28, 2018

2018 Leadership Conference in Miami, Florida

Our manager's retreat started in 2010 at Chateau Elan, just north of Atlanta. We have quickly outgrown several locations and venues resulting in our location this year in Las Vegas. 2015 was the first year that our suppliers joined us at our manager's conference resulting in a fun and diverse atmosphere that we are continuing this year. Many of our valued suppliers were able to use this opportunity in south Florida to create a mini-vacation and escape the cold weather of their home town.

"As a first-time partner attendee of the Pegasus 2017 Conference, I went in with expectations from previous client and industry conferences I have attended. The Pegasus conference was nothing like I had ever attended - it was so much better. The conference is completely open. Vendor Partners are invited to participate in every aspect of the conference. I attended every breakfast and session. Not only did I attend, but I was welcomed. Pegasus employees were warm and friendly. They openly discussed their properties, what kind of trends they were seeing in their regions. Everyone interacted with the vendor partners to see where and how they could learn from each partner. We were also able to attend every social event and were asked to participate in the theme. Again, Pegasus employees took it to the next level. It wasn’t one of those conferences where all the vendors ended up at one table, no, everyone was accessible and thankful I was there. Not only were the property managers social, but that hospitality rolled all the way up to corporate – who invited me to prep for the conference with them. To state I am looking forward to Pegasus 2018 would be an understatement." - Frankie Stone, ReachLocal National Brand Manager.

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